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Diagnosis & Laboratory Services

1.Know How & Experience

We exist in Angola since December of 2006, through the brand Concentra Diagnósticos that develops its activity in the area of clinical tests, performing routine blood tests and specific laboratory tests in the following areas:

Hematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, Parasitology.

Concentra Diagnósticos has as core business:
- Clinical Tests
- Quality Management
- Technical Training
- Laboratories Management
- Technical Assistance
- Service provision to public and private entities

2. Quality, Biosafety and Technology

We endorse a policy of quality regarding a laboratory safety technical practice, exercising a daily quality control and fostering continous improvement in the lab performance. Full information enables us to have a high perfomance in internal features, confidentiality, speed and reliability of results.

Over the past of the years we consolidate our services regarding human resources and logistics issues. We invest in computerized services and a optical fiber communication network to improve performance in order to provide the excelent clinical diagnostic laboratory services to our costumers.

3.Quality Certifications

ISO9001 - Tuv Reinland

Date of Assignement: May 2013
Concentra Diagnósticos is certified by the TUV Reinland, a German international company, under clinical test and technical advice in the management of clinical laboratories company.

The quality management system has created the conditions for a bigger focus on the costumer and in constant search of improved levels of customer satisfaction.

Made in Angola

Date of Assignement: January 2014
The Made in Angola is a program created by the Ministry of Economy in Angola, to certify products and services manufactured and produced domestically.

The main objectives of this certification are: Promote consumption and loyalty to the Angolan national products; Joining companies under the global brand to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns; Increase national pride and strengthen the country´s economy.

4. Turn-key Projects

Nasbay provides fully integrated solutions for the successful implementation of laboratory projects.
At the heart of this solutions is the deep business knowledge and track record of a global laboratory EPC ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Nasbay is able to perform a complete Service EPC at every step of the value chain :
- Design and Architecture of laboratory infra structure in 2D e 3D;
- Construction according to requirements and demands of international certification TUV Rheinlad;
- Listing and supply of all equipments;
- Formulation of the business plan.;
- Financial analysis, economic feasibility and profitability of the investments; Software solution for management and Human Resources.